Head and Shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo review

Head and Shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo review

Head and Shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo review: Recently “Head & Shoulders” launched their new anti-dandruff smooth and silky shampoo. And obviously, I bought it to check its quality and effectiveness. So today I will be reviewing Head and Shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo. If you guys are interested to know the details, do read the blog carefully.

Dandruff is commonly seen as white flakes on your scalp. These could be visible or non-visible and usually cause itching on our scalp which is really a disgusting experience. I myself have had some issue with dandruff, especially when the weather change occurs. Mainly in summer, we get dandruff more because of excessive sweating. So recently I used this Head and Shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo to see how well it works and it worked on my scalp really well. So I thought, why not share my honest review on this product as I found this pretty amazing.

Head and Shoulders Anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo Review:


485 INR


675 ml


I bought the biggest size. It has a pump, which can exude the right quantity. No product wastage. Sturdy packaging




head and shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo review


It has Zinc Pyrithione in it, this is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agent, so what it does is it inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungus on our scalp. It also helps in conditioning our scalp.

Shelf Time:


Brand Claims:

It has got 3-action formula which cleans our scalp, nourishes it and gives an overall protection which will be keeping your scalp 100% dandruff free.


If you have visible flakes, the shampoo should be used daily.

Storage Method:

Keep away from heat and store it in a cool dry place at room temperature.


Shake the shampoo really well and then apply it to your wet hair, keep it for 3-4mins and then wash it off.

My Experience:

My scalp is oily in nature and becomes even oilier during the summer. Thus the dandruff increases and along with it the itchiness increases to a great extent. I have tried a lot of shampoos but none have proved to be quite effective and moreover made my hair ends dry. Therefore I was looking forward to trying something new.

Hence I tried this shampoo and am using it for last one week. Though my dandruff problem is not resolved, the itchiness has reduced a lot. And also my hair did not get dry. I have applied the product every alternate day but whichever shampoo I use, my scalp becomes oily the very next day. Thus I would say it is a Head and Shoulders Anti-dandruff smooth and silky shampoo is quite good against dandruff.


Head and Shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo review
Head and Shoulders anti dandruff smooth and silky shampoo review




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  1. Travel-friendly
  2. Affordable
  3. Easily available
  4. Sweet smell
  5. Nice packaging
  6. Doesn’t make the hair dry



  1. Cannot get rid of dandruff totally
  2. The smell doesn’t stay long


Do provide me your feedback whether you found this blog helpful or not and obviously let me know if you’re going to by the product or not. If you like the blog to share and comment and read my other blogs for other interesting info.
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