Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact Review

Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact

Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact Review: Nykaa launches new products every now and then. So the latest addition to their arsenal is the  Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact.  Therefore today I’ll be sharing with you guys Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact review. To know all the details and the pros and cons of this product, do read the blog.

Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact Review


599 INR



This time Nykaa has launched seven different shades in Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact range. I can’t figure out why they haven’t launched any darker shades. The shades of the compact are as follows:

  1. Iced latte 01
  2. Almond drizzle 02
  3. Hazel glory 03
  4. Sweet caramel 04
  5. Chestnut crunch 05
  6. Mocha madness 06
  7. Cocoa loco 07




The outer cover is all the same red colored cardboard packaging and at the side, the shade of the product is mentioned. Inside is the product in a black rectangular box with separate compartments with one side containing the product and the other side containing the puff.

Brand Claims:

All imperfections of the skin will be veiled with a single layer of its application and will be giving the skin a bright complexion. It is manufactured in a way that it will be applied as a cream and would become like powder in texture after its application and give a flawless complexion. It contains anti-oxidant properties which will be keeping the skin fresh. Apart from these, it has SPF 30 which will be protecting our skin from harmful UV rays.

Skin type:

All skin types


Storage Method:

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in cool dry place


Should be applied to face taking a little amount of the product




My Experience:

The packaging of the product is the same old school type which I don’t personally prefer. It contains a mirror which is actually good. It is quite travel-friendly but the box might break if subjected to excessive pressure.

The smell is pretty mild and it gives a velvety matte finish. Moreover, it stays on the skin for about 3-4hours. After 3-4hours the T-zone starts getting oily.

It is very lightweight and doesn’t cover all the flaws like blemishes and hyperpigmentation. Overall it gives a medium coverage.

To bring a smooth look to your skin, you’ve to use primer or moisturizer before its application. Those who don’t prefer heavy makeup, it is absolutely perfect for them.

It gives a fresh look to our skin and the SPF 30 protects us from UV rays and acts somewhat as an anti-aging agent.

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1. easily available


3. skin gets a smooth look

4. SPF 30 which is good



  1. A bit costly
  2. Only available in Nykaa and not in local stores
  3. Light to Medium coverage

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