Nykaa SkinGenius bb cream review

Nykaa SkinGenius bb cream review


Today I’ll be sharing with you guys Nykaa SkinGenius bb cream review.  I have bought this a few days back and tested it on my skin and my mother’s matured skin (both skin and wear tests). Make sure to read this review before you buy the product because all of our priorities are not the same. Therefore if a product doesn’t keep up to your expectations and meet your criteria, simply avoid that.


349 INR


30 gm (which is more than normal amount)


This time Nykaa has launched only 5 different shades in Nykaa SKINgenius BB Cream range.  The Light shade is not that light, coz I have bought shade 01 but it’s not matching the undertone of my skin. The shades of the bb cream are as follows:


Fresh fawn  01

Soft beige  02

Rich honey  03

Spiced cinnamon  04

Classic tan 05



The outer cover is all the same red colored cardboard packaging and at the side the shade of the product is mentioned. The outer packaging has the description in somewhat more details.  It contains the list of ingredients, how to use it and the best before date.  The actual stuff is beige color tube. Packaging is like basic bb cream, nothing fancy, but pretty hygienic, which I liked.

Brand claims:

  1. Benefit skincare in makeup
  2. It’ll keep the skin a healthy and radiant
  3. It’ll boost luminosity and fight aging
  4. Repair skin and keep it hydrated
  5. It is SLS, paraben free and also cruelty-free

Skin type:

All skin types


Storage Method:

Keep away from direct sunlight and store in cool dry place


Take little amount and use it on clear skin. Shelf life is 2 years.

My experience:

Both me and my mother have used the product on clear skin as instructed. It made my mom’s skin more smooth but in my case it gave me a yellowish tint on the skin. As you can see that it gives very light coverage and the acne scars on my mom’s face are pretty clearly visible. If your age is less and have lesser intensity of scars then it’ll be efficient in covering them. But since this is a bb cream so I feel it does pretty decent job with respect to coverage and texture.

Here they’ve asked to apply it on skin without any prior application of any other product. But it becomes dry pretty fast. So if you have dry skin, my advice would be to apply moisturizer first, then apply this. It gets absorbed into the skin very fast and gives a dewy look which is nice. If you have oily skin then use translucent powder or compact after applying Nykaa Skingenius BB Cream.


Nykaa Get Set Click! Creme to Powder Compact Review



So my mom’s skin is oily. She applied nykaa skingenius bb cream and then used compact before going to the office. Today was half day and her skin is looking like this after 5 hours. If you go out in sun, you have to touch up at least once. After 5 hrs the skin is looking a bit dark, but I think it’s okay as after coming from sun skin tone becomes a bit dark. Since my skin is dry, I am looking fine even after five hours.

It has SPF 30 which is a plus point for nykaa skingenius bb cream, but I prefer using sunscreen separately, just my kinda thing.

They should have expanded the shade range for this product, like one shade towards the lighter regime and 2 to 3 shades towards the darker regime as India has a variety of people of different skin complexions. Specifically, who have pinkish undertone or a bit darker undertone they might face the problem.

So on and all, I loved this nykaa skingenius bb cream. This is the best college going girls’ daily no makeup makeup look.


  1. affordable
  2. travel-friendly
  3. gives a dewy finish and glowing skin
  4. SPF 30 which is good



  1. Only available in Nykaa and not in local stores
  2. Light to Medium coverage
  3. Not for matured skin
  4. The shade range is very limited
  5. Oily skin becomes oily within 3-5hrs

Do give your feedback about whether you’ve liked the review or not and let me know if you’re going to buy the product. Find me on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. XOXO.




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