Top 10 Summer Skincare Tips and Skin care products for summer (2018)

Summer SkinCare tips sudeshnasworld

Summer Skincare tips: If you want to know about it, check this blog, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. The thing you need to do is really simple; just follow this Effective Summer skincare tips and Skin care products for summer mentioned in this blog. I am pretty sure you’ll be enjoying summer like never before.

The summer is already about to begin and the scorching sun will be bringing along with it a lot of heat which will surely be affecting us all in the harshest manner. So you guys need to stay safe and take proper skin care during the summer and just enjoy and chill. Maintaining a proper skin care routine for each and every season is really important to nourish and keep your skin healthy and revitalized.

Summer skincare tips:

At first I’m going to talk about summer tips for face and also summer skin care routine for dry skin , summer skin care tips for oily skin , summer skin care routine for combination skin.


1. Face Care:

In summer, your face gets tanned easily. Therefore, a tan removal skin care routine is to be followed on regular intervals.  To get rid of tan, you need to use this really amazing face pack. It will remove your tan very effectively and make your face brighter even during summers. This is basically how to take care of skin in summer home remedies


  1. Gram flour
  2. Yogurt
  3. Lemon


For this skin care procedure, you just have to mix them really well


Apply it on your face. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. Then wash it off. Make sure you don’t have to step outside right after using this mask. Otherwise, it will make your skin more tanned. Follow this summer skincare tips…You can watch this video for more details about this mask, its preparation, and application:

** Due to the extremely hot and humid weather in summer, rashes break out on our face and skin.

2. Body Care:

Bathing during the summers is really enjoyable and a rejuvenating stuff to do, But do make sure that you’re taking the shower in a proper manner as it is the sole integrated body care for summer and the most important one as well. The temperature of the water with which you’re bathing should be such that it doesn’t extract the moisture from your body.

To trap moisture in your skin more effectively, use a gentle and good body wash during bathing.  After you’ve taken a shower, always rinse yourself properly so that no water can accumulate on your body, otherwise, that would be giving rise to rashes on your skin. The same thing is to be followed if you’re sweating. Just try to wipe off the sweat instantly. This will surely not let any kind of rash to break out on your body. So that is the first part of body care to keep you fresh and rash free.

But in summer, due to the scorching heat, our body gets tanned tremendously. Hence, a perfect body pack is needed to remove the tan and is an integral part of summer skincare routine. Follow this Summer skincare tips, you will surely get good results.

There are two steps to be followed for this tan removal process:

  1. Scrub
  2. Mask

Step 1: Scrub


  1. Crushed sugar
  2. Honey
  3. Lemon


Crushed big sugar and mix with honey and lemon


Apply it to your damp body, gently scrub your body and then wash it off with cold water.

You can use it twice in a week

Step 2: Mask


  1. Multani mitti
  2. Rosewater


Mix both of them really well. Make it like a thick paste.


Apply this to your body. Let this dry for about 15 minutes. Then wash it off with cold water. You can use this mask on an alternative day.  If you want an illustration of the process, you can refer to this video:

3.Importance of sunscreen:

As most of you guys might know that one of the major global problems that we’re facing is the depletion of the ozone layer which is causing the harmful UV rays from the sun to reach the earth’s surface.  These UV rays are really bad as they cause irreversible damage to our cells. The UV rays are mutagenic and cause DNA mutation which often leads skin cancer.

Though sunlight is really essential for us to initiate photochemical reactions in our skin for production of vitamin D, but not the harsh UV rays. To get significant protection from the UV radiation and its consequences, the use of sunscreen is really necessary.

Using sunscreen not only protects us from the UV rays but also delays our aging process and we all want to stay young as many days as we can. One of the studies has shown that people who use sunscreen have significantly fewer wrinkles and fine lines compared to others who don’t use sunscreen at the age of 55 years.

Using sunscreen will reduce the sunspots, blemishes and other spots on your skin caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight. The usage of sunscreen will also reduce the chances of skin cancer, especially melanoma. Besides, a good sunscreen also acts as a protection from sunburn caused by UVB rays. When your skin you see your skin is exfoliating or inflammation is occurring, it means you’re getting seriously sunburned.

Summer SkinCare tips sudeshnasworld
Summer SkinCare tips sudeshnasworld

Apart from all these, sunscreen renders protection against tanning and also aids in keeping our skin healthy by protecting the proteins like keratin, collagen etc. which makes our skin smoother. Therefore usage of a sunscreen with a minimum of SPF value 30 and containing titanium oxide is a must. So follow this summer skincare tips for better skin…


4. Maintain proper hygiene during summer:

  1. Avoid Tight Clothes:

    Tight clothes hamper the free air movement in various parts of our body leading to excessive sweating which provides an absolutely great microenvironment for bacterial growth leading to infections.

  2. Always wash your genitals with a proper female intimate wash (in case of women). Don’t use soap or shampoo to clean your genital region as this may lead to pH imbalance which can cause various complications including genital infections.
  3. While using common toilet facilities or public toilets, always use some really good sanitary sprays (for example you can use Peesafe which is really a great product). And after toilet, you should use proper hygienic wipes to clean your genital region.
  4. Avoid wearing wet clothes for prolonged times (especially after swimming etc)
  5. Wear cotton clothes throughout the summer and totally avoid wearing synthetic fiber clothes. Follow this summer skincare tips
  6. During periods use only cotton sanitary pads and make sure they are 100% cotton
  7. Apart from all these try doing whatever you need to, to maintain proper hygiene and prevent bacterial growth and excessive sweating
  8. Eat Low-Calorie Food:
    The best way to fulfill your thirst during the summer is to drink water. Literally, a plenty of it, irrespective of whatever daily work you’re doing. Drinking water will keep your body hydrated. It is even better if you could take a bit salinated water, that’d be replenishing the electrolytes lost from your body in the form of sweat. Apart from these, water will keep your body cool
  9. Avoid drinking caffeinated or carbonated drinks or drinks having high sugar content during summer. As these drinks are acidic in nature and act as diuretics. The soft drinks apart from affecting our kidney adversely also causes pot belly by bloating of our stomach and also makes our bones porous and fragile. If your body is getting dry, you can try this CTM routine for dry skin
  10. Do not drink too cold water during summer as the difference in temperature that creates in the blood vessels is not at all advisable
  11. Do limit yourself from doing the excess amount of physically taxing activities during the summer months
  12. Eat healthy nutritious but low fat containing food because fats produce the highest calorific value when they are digested as lipid and fatty acids
  13. Reduce eating dry fruits and eat more fresh fruits
  14. Put sabja (tulsi seeds) in your drinks which will have a cooling effect on your body
  15. Add fresh vegetables and salad in your daily diet and make them sugar-free
  16. Drink lemon water and coconut water frequently to replenish the lost water from your body
  17. Avoid artificially scented foods
  18. Try not to eat hot and excessively spicy foods during summers
  19. Avoid fried and oily foods as fat always have a heating effect on our body.
  20. If your lips are dry, Check this amazing remedy for dry lips

                                 How to look beautiful from Head to Toe grooming on a special occasion

5. Outfit ideas for summer:

As stated earlier, always wear pure cotton clothes during summer. Don the outfits according to your body type to look even more stylish. But keep in mind the dress colors should be light colored so that they absorb less light and reflect more of sunlight. This will give less feeling of the heat of face while you go out. Follow this summer skincare tips for healthy life.


6. Makeup tips for summer:

Wearing makeup in an apt way and maintaining it during summer is quite a chimera for most of us. But you can obviously achieve a great look during the summers by this super simple makeup procedure

    1. First dab ice cube for 2 minutes on your face
    2. Use gel based sunscreen because it is more effective than another sunscreen.
    3. Apply moisturizer to seal the moisture on your skin.
    4. Apply lightweight foundation.
    5. Then set then all with compact powder.
    6. After that, you can do makeup according to your preferences.

This is basically tips for glowing skin in summer. For more please watch this makeup tutorial for summer:




7. Skin Brightening strawberry facial for summer:

Like all another season, here’s a specific fruit facial which you can try during the summer as a part of your skincare routine which will give you a glowing face. Follow this summer skincare tips…

  1. Strawberry has anti-oxidant ellagic acid which prevents collagen destruction
  2. Strawberry removes excessive oil from skin and thus serves as an excellent mask material for oily skin and protects our skin from UV rays

Watch this entire strawberry facial process with proper massage technic:



9. Get rid of summer skincare problems:

1. Heat Rash:

This is the most common thing is summer. Heat rashes occur due to the accumulation of sweat in sweat glands. When sweat is secreted out of sweat glands but cannot come out to the skin surface, the sweat deposits under the skin creating spots and rashes. These rashes occur mainly due to wearing wet clothes for a longer time. That is why wearing lightweight and breathable clothes are necessary so that the skin doesn’t face friction.

summer skincare tips
Heat Rash


The main thing by which you can prevent and cure heat rash is by not letting sweat accumulate under your skin. To ensure that sweat doesn’t accumulate, you should be using scrub using a light scrubber so that the dead skin cells are removed from the skin surface and the opening of the ducts of the sweat glands stay clear by the removal of dirt. The best home remedy for treating heat rashes is by using aloe vera leaves. Paste the aloe vera leaves and apply the paste to the affected region. You’ll be seeing the change within 2days and probably will be cured by 3-4days. But even if within 2days you do not see any progress in the condition, do consult a dermatologist.

2. Sun Allergy:

This is another skin condition like sunburn, happening due to the excessive heat of the sun and can happen even if you’re staying at home. The sun allergy can reduce within 2-3 days but can take up to 1week to get cured.


summer skincare tips
sun allergy


The best way to evade sun allergy is to keep yourself away from the heat of the sun. If you have really sensitive skin, it’s better to stay in an air-conditioned environment during the daytime. Generally, the sun allergy starts with a bit of irritation. So as soon as you start having such sensation, apply cold water to the region. Aloe vera gel application can also be quite helpful to sun allergy. Follow this summer skincare tips carefully…

3. Prickly Heat Rash:

This is another most common type of thing occurring during the summers. The main cause of prickly heat rash is sweat. Prickly heat rashes are small reddish particulate kind of rashes occurring mostly on our back, neck and underarm regions.


summer skincare tips
prickly heat rash


By staying in air-conditioned rooms and by bathing multiple times in a day, you can keep your body cool and prevent excessive sweating. And this is the best way of preventing prickly heat rashes.

4.Sun Burn:

When our skin comes in contact with UV rays, sunburn occurs and it’s really painful. As the name suggests, our skin literally gets burnt and turns dark. This especially happens on face, shoulders, and hands which are the parts of our body that stays in contact with sunlight for more time.


Wear full sleeves and cover your face while traveling outside in sunlight. Use sunscreen always before going out. And after returning from the exposure to sun, treat yourself with aloe vera gel and/or rose water to prevent sunburn.

5. Insect Bites and Stings:

The number of insects, spiders, ants etc is on the rise during the summer season. So the obvious consequence is to get bitten or stung by them causing various complications on our skin.


If you get an insect bite consult a doctor with dispatch and in the meantime you can apply Multani mitti with rose water on the affected region. Application of calamine lotion can also be helpful.

6. Summer Acne:

Another most common skin condition is the skin acne that is caused by summer. Along with the sunburn, skin acne during summer is another menace. Due to profuse sweating and accumulation of dirt and sweat, our pores on the skin gets clogged but the sebaceous glands produce more sebum during summer leading to acne formation in summer times.


An organic skin toner made from neem and tulsi can be quite useful in reducing the oil on the skin and will also prevent bacterial growth and infections on the skin. Take 20 neem leaves and around 15 tulsi leaves and take it in 2 cups of water. Now make the water lukewarm and press the leaves. You can keep this in the refrigerator and apply this water on your acne 2-3 times a day for washing and you’ll see the improvement. Follow this Summer Skincare tips…


Or you can watch this video to Get rid of body acne:



Skin care products for summer


10. Summer skin care products:

1. Sunscreen:

Lotus gel for oily skin

Neutrogena for dry skin

2. Lip Balm with SPF:

You can use Maybelline baby lips

3. Ani- Tanning Creams:

This is must have. You can use

1. VLCC Anti-Tan Facial Kit

4. Protective hair mask:

Loreal’s hair mask is too good.

5. Body scrub:

You can use a homemade body scrub or you can use an organic body scrub. Body scrubs are really great. It helps to remove dead skin cells.

6. Light perfume:

Use light perfume for a summer party.

So that’s pretty much the summer tips and hacks in a nutshell. Here I have discussed quite in a detailed manner the summer skin care and summer skincare tips that you need to follow and the summer personal care products that you need to use.

I hope this blog on summer skin care is going to be really helpful to each one of you. So if you’ve really found this helpful do leave a comment in the comment section below and share this blog as much as you can so that people enjoy the summer and not feel the heat.

I see you soon, Till then take care, bye…



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