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winter skin care routine

Winter Skin Care Routine

To be honest, even though we all like the winter season for its various perks but in winter our skin gets really affected a lot (in an adverse manner obviously). The skin becomes sand like in texture and loses all its glow at the same time. That’s why even people from the tropical regions need a proper winter skin care routine which they should follow religiously to maintain the glow of the skin in winters. So that’s the blog all about where I’ll be sharing a proper winter skin care routine and some tips along with it which  if you follow consistently you can have a flawless and hydrated skin even in the driest winter days.

When the weather starts to become colder, to retain the heat inside our body, the blood vessels start to shrink which in turn makes our outer layer of skin look dull.  So there are some steps that is to be followed as a part of your daily winter skin care routine which will prevent your skin from looking both dull and dry.


In winters it is highly recommended to use soap free cleanser because soap takes away moisture from our skin tissue and also disrupts the pH balance in our skin. And not only during winters, I would advise not to use soap containing cleaner for your skin in any season. One of the cleansers which I myself have used and have suited my skin very well is the Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing oil . This cleanser contains non-harsh ingredients that doesn’t make my skin dry at all.

Moreover, this oil cleanses our pores on the skin and brings a smooth texture on my skin. Besides green tea extracts present in this oil nourishes my skin to a great extent. The whole point is that whichever cleanser you use should contain the above mentioned properties and that’s what you want to include in your winter skin care routine or rather any season’s skin care routine.


The next crucial step for any skin care routine is the toning. If you skip the toning after cleansing your skin, you pores will get larger and eventually you’d be struggling with black and whiteheads on your skin. You can use any toner and include it in your winter skin care routine which is alcohol free. My favourite are Kiel’s toner and Plum toner . A good toner helps to retain the pH of you skin as it is.


Since the skin becomes dry and dehydrated in the winters so a good serum is required  which will go deep inside the skin tissue and rehydrate it. Using serum as a part of your winter skin care routine is as crucial as any other step is.  Presently I am using the St.Botania Vitamin A serum as a part of my daily routine. The best thing about this one is that it gets absorbed in your skin really fast and keeps your skin hydrated for really long period of time.


Not only during winters, but using moisturizer on your skin is really necessary for any season. You should use a thick moisturizer which will be staying on your skin for long during the winter. I am presently using the Clinique moisturizer . I have also used the Innisfree Green Tea Moisturizer  and would definitely recommend this one as well. Ceramide based moisturizers are best for skin because these fatty acids act as a barrier on your skin and provides protection


Winter Skin Care Routine with Tips

So now I’ll be spelling out the most easy and effective routine for your winter skin care. These tips will keep your skin hydrated and retain its glow in winters.

  1. Don’t use hot water:
    Hot water makes the skin dry up really fast. If you don’t use moisturizer immediately after rinsing your face with hot water, it’ll start to get cracked and would show increase of flakiness to a huge extent. So use lukewarm water for washing and rinsing your skin rather than hot water. After washing with lukewarm water, use a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides. This kind of moisturizers does a really good job in maintaining the glamour of your face.


  1. Stay hydrated:
    Though we do not feel so much thirst in winters like we feel during summers but that doesn’t mean we should decrease our daily water intake. In fact during winters we should try to drink a bit more water that we usually do during other seasons. Since the weather becomes dry, if we decrease the amount of water we drink, our tissues will dehydrate really fast. Apart from this, if a product is not suiting your skin or your skin type, stop using that product immediately or the consequences may be harsh.
  2. Use some gentle exfoliation:
    As the weather becomes dry, the skin becomes drier, leading to production of more and more dead skin cells on our body. It is highly recommended that at least do exfoliation once in a week so that the skin remains smooth. You can use plum scrub or Faceshop’s rice water scrub . The  scrub particles in these scrubs are really small and doesn’t hurt your skin. Besides, these two scrubs provide hydration to your skin to some extent.
  3. Choose skin care products wisely:
    Many people’s skin type changes from summer to winter. Your skin might not be the same or all the seasons so choose your skin care products according to your skin type in e particular season. If your skin is acne prone then obviously use medicated products, otherwise there will be more acne breakouts on your skin during winters.Again I would emphasize for your winter skin care routine try using products that contain hyaluronic acid , glycerine and ceramides.
  4. Protect your skin:
    Before going out in the cold, use proper skin protecting agents on your skin because even though it is really comfortable to get sun’s heat during winters but the sunrays in winter causes more skin damage as the sun comes closer to the northern hemisphere in the winters. Hence before going out in the sun, applying sunscreen lotion is mandatory.A good sunscreen delays aging and protects our skin from UV rays as well. It is always recommended to use a sunscreen that contains titanium oxide or zinc oxide in it. And another very important piece of advice would to be that do not go outside just after washing your face while the skin is not properly dry because damp skin is more prone to get cracked.
  5. Do not exfoliate much:
    Do not over-exfoliate your skin as this will make your skin dry. It is optimal to exfoliate your skin once in a week to remove dead skin cells but not more than that.


  1. Try fruit facial:
    Doing a proper facial is really beneficial to your skin as it brings glow and also keeps your skin more hydrated. You can try either orange or grape facial. Both are really amazing.


  1. Use sheet mask:
    Include sheet masks in your winter skin care routine as sheet masks contain serums which are really good in keeping your skin hydrated and prevents it from getting dry. It is recommended to use sheet masks twice in a week.
  2. Take care of your hands:
    The skin of hand is thinner and also contains some oil glands. The moisture escapes from hands really fast leaving it to get cracked and have irritations. So apply moisturizers on your hands as well and then put on gloves before going out in winters. Woollen gloves are best for winters but if you’ve some allergy then put on cotton gloves first and then woollen gloves above it.
  3. Take care of your feet:
    During winters the heels of the feet crack very frequently. So it is recommended that exfoliate your heels thrice a week and then apply some moisturizer or petroleum jelly on your heels and wear socks before sleeping to avoid cracking heels during winter season.
  4. Don’t forget to wear sunglass:
    There is a lot of dusts and aerosols flying in the atmosphere during winters and once the particles enter your eyes, they become very much prone to conjunctivitis and such other infections. Hence wearing sunglass is mandatory when you got out and not only in winter, you should wear sunglasses all the year round if you’re going out. Also make sure that your sunglass is UV ray protected.


  1. Limit alcohol:
    Though drinking alcohol in winters is a common trend but it should be done in limited amount. Too much alcohol consumption starts to dehydrate our cells.


  1. Follow daily skin care routine:
    This point doesn’t need any further elaboration. Make a daily winter skin care routine for yourself that’ll work best for you from my above mentioned instructions. Simply by just following them, your skin will remain soft smooth and will surely glow better than ever even during the harshest winter days


  1. Daily diet is important:
    To keep your skin hydrated from inside, include Strawberries, grapes, blueberries, oranges, raspberries and/or cherries in your daily food chart (whichever of them you like). All these fruits are really good for your skin as they keep your skin cells hydrated and brings a glow to your skin naturally.


  1. Exercise properly:
    Many people feel a reluctance towards exercising during winters but it is actually essential for your health in general and your skin’s health as well. Doing exercise regularly makes the blood flow more consistent across the whole body which in turn brings more oxygen to all your cell and replenishes them and skin cells are not an exception.Check my Winter Skin Care Routine on Youtube


By following only these things during winter and including them as a part of your daily winter skin care routine will take care of your skin of your whole body very nicely and keep you even more beautiful. I hope you’ll find this article helpful as these are the things I do for myself.

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